ET gives training in learning through senses. It gives opportunity to learn joyfully and helps the trainees to have a first hand experience on newly evolved E-TLM. Besides the maintenance of computer lab, Edusat Room, Digital Library, it conducts Workshops for the students and the teachers of the district for developing E-TLM.

  • To develop in collaboration with concerned staff of the DIET and other resource persons, simple, effective and low-cost teaching aids for various subjects/areas relevant to elementary education and elementary teacher education –charts, diagrams, models, photographs, slides, audio tapes, play scripts, songs etc.
  • To help the DRU in developing low cost teaching aids as above, for adult and non-formal Education.
  • To maintain All A.V. equipments of the Institute,Computer Lab, low cost teaching aids developed in house as well as elsewhere and,a library of educational video/audio cassettes and, if the Institute has a film projector for films.
  • To lend slides, cassettes and films to institutions having playing/projection facilities, and to borrow them from others Resource Centres.
  • To liase with nearby Radio station for arranging educational broadcasts suitable for elementary school children, AE/NFE learners, teachers/instructors of the district.

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