IFIC plans and co-ordinates the education and training programmes for elementary school teachers throughout the district .

  • To assist educational authorities in planning and co-ordination of in-service education programmes for elementary teachers throughout the district, and to plan and co-ordinate such programmes held in the DIET, the Branch would….
    • Identify training needs of elementary teachers in the district, and prepare a perspective plan for meeting such needs.
    • To Prepare an annual calendar of all programmes to be held outside the DIET.
    • Help concerned authorities in preparing an annual calendar of in-service programmes to be held outside the DIET.
  • To maintain data base of all persons, except NFE/AE personnel, who undergo training at the institute and to organize follow-up activities pursuant to such training, through correspondence, visits, transmission of printed materials.
  • To serve as a reference and resource centres for teachers who wish to continue their education.

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