DIET provides training to the teachers of the district uniquely tailored according to the needs of the students in the schools of Haryana. All this is done strictly under the supervision and guidelines of SCERT..

The goal is to impart teacher training which enables the prospective teachers to see the existing world in the new light of universal human values.

DIET plans the training programmes and workshops for developing TLM, e-TLM as per the instructions of SCERT. It also co-ordinates the training programmes for adult education (AE) and non formal education (NFE) throughout the district Workshops are also organized for developing new-techniques and guidelines for learner-evaluation.

Teacher Training Calender 2013-14
The wing wise Ttaining schedule for Heads, Teachers, D.Ed Interns for the session 2013-14 is as follows:
ET Wing (e-TLM workshop for Teachers)

Group From To
A 20-1-2014 24-1-2014
B 28-1-2014 1-2-2014
C 3-2-2014 10-2-2014
D 11-2-2014 17-2-2014

PSTE Wing (e-TLM workshop for Pupil-Teachers)

Group From To
A 3-2-2014 7-2-2014
B 10-2-2014 14-2-2014

1. (Training Programme for Middle Hands)

Group From To
A 17-1-2014 21-1-2014
B 27-1-2014 31-2-2014
C 1-2-2014 7-2-2014
D 10-2-2014 15-2-2014
E 17-2-2014 21-2-2014

2. (Training Programme for Primary Teacher)

Group From To
A 17-2-2014 21-2-2014
B 17-2-2014 21-2-2014

P & M wing
1. (Orientation Programme for Middle Hands)

Group From To
A 27-1-2014 28-1-2014
B 3-2-2014 5-2-2014
C 6-2-2014 7-2-2014
D 10-2-2014 11-2-2014
E 12-2-2014 13-2-2014

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