WE wing of DIET assists in preparing low-cost TLM. It also provides WE related inputs into all other programmes of the institute e.g. training programmes field interaction, activities, action research etc. It also organizes activities for the development of the Institute Campus and its surrounding.

  • To identify locally relevant WE areas and incorporation with concerned nodal branches, to develop sample curricular units, teaching learning material, low cost teaching aids and evaluation tools/techniques in such areas.
  • To help educational authorities and elementary schools/NFE/AE centers in planned introduction of Work Experience activities in such schools/centres.
  • As backup to (2) above, to conduct appropriate in-service programmes for teachers in the areas of WE.
  • To organize community service activities study and visits to work centers as part of training programmes, and to promote such activities on extra curricular basis.
  • To maintain Workshop/Farm/Garden as a part of WE activities.

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